All the legal fun stuff…

We’re not experts and what we choose to share here on Sunflower & Spruce is merely documenting our hobby and maintenance of our home. So anything shared is just that….we’re sharing what we’re doin’. We’re homebodies.

If you choose to replicate or attempt something we have done to our home, you do so at your own risk. We only do what we’re comfortable with and can manage safely. If you want to tackle a project you’ve seen here on this blog, but don’t feel comfortable, please consult a professional.

All photos that aren’t taken by Sunflower & Spruce are credited and linked to the original owner or believed to be in public domain and available on the Internet (published according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act, title 17, U.S. Code). Any photos not credited to an outside source have been taken by Sunflower & Spruce and are rights protected. If you’re wanting to use one of our photos, please contact us to obtain permission. No one likes sticky fingers! Failure to link back and credit our site as their source constitutes a copyright violation. Sunflower & Spruce reserves the right to remove, replace, or move any images or content without prior announcement.